My Life

Back on the Keyboard

After four decades of making amazing plans, setting solid goals, and having them dissolve like a vapor in the wind, it still surprises me when things don’t go according to plan. Growing up, my family motto was “all plans are subject to change.” I had great plans for my writing in November, and now it’s February and what do I have to show for those plans…nada, zip, zero, nothing. So, I reevaluated the plan and goals. Yes, I still want to finish my novel. Yes, I still want to be a published author. Yes, I still want to write these blog posts. I realized my plans and goals are still what I want, and still workable; I had fallen off the horse (errr…keyboard?), and it’s time to climb back on. In my grand plan for this blog, Tuesday posts are supposed to be about me and my life, allowing my readers to know me better. Therefore, today seems to be the day to reboot this blog and do a quick catch-up, using my seven day outline to cover everything…

Mystery Mondays—I am still looking for mysteries all around me, investigating murder weapons and poisons, and doing research because research is actually what I do best. Additionally, I am reading other mystery novels to see how others approach the genre and to enjoy my favorite pastime. I am currently reading the first of the Joanna Brady series by J. A. Jance, Desert Heat, and definitely enjoying it. My eighteen year-old son is hooked on this series and recommended it. I also recently read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I wasn’t impressed with the beginning of the book, but kept reading because it was to be discussed in a Book Club I was interested in joining. I’m so glad I did! The second half of the book totally justifies why the first half was written the way it was. This book is as much a psychological thriller as it is a murder mystery…or is it?

This is My Life Tuesdays—I enjoyed the holidays with family and friends, did some house/pet-sitting, enjoyed a weekend marriage retreat with my husband, have done a lot of knitting and crocheting, and started art journaling. I am finding myself with a lot of time alone to pursue my interests as my husband continues working while pursuing his graduate degree, and both my sons are gainfully employed.

Writers’ Wednesdays—Even though I haven’t added words to this blog or my novel, I have been doing writerly things. I attended a great workshop over crime scene analysis with my local chapter of Mystery Writers of America in November. I have been consistent in keeping up my journal. I have been working out plot points and developing characters for my novel. And, I have been invited to become a board member of the Writers’ Guild I am active in.

Healthy Thursdays—Thankfully, I have been relatively healthy these past few months—no hospitalizations or ambulance rides. January was a bad month with seven migraines, and I felt useless most of the month, but with my medical history that is not the worst. I have been trying out some orange colored contact lenses to offset my extreme light-sensitivity (photo-phobia), and so far the results are very promising.

Fiction Fridays—I have not written any flash fiction during this unintentional hiatus, but I have ideas percolating. I have received a number of compliments regarding my fiction and I am very grateful for those kind fans. I have read some excellent fiction, and highly recommend The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. Both novels are thought provoking, engaging, have multiple-narrators, and satisfying endings.

Service Dog Saturdays—Gizmo has a new trainer! We are now working with Possibility Dogs, and he is learning new and great tasks. He is learning how to find me and my family members so he can lead them to me if I can’t call for help and so I can send him to find my husband or son if I need help, how to offer his paw to shake hands (instead of licking) when meeting new friends, and how to lead me to the nearest exit when I become sick or disoriented. We are still teaching people proper etiquette regarding service dogs and people with disabilities. Gizmo’s Facebook page is kept up-to-date with his activities and pictures.

Scripture Sundays—I am grateful that I have been healthy enough this winter to be involved in church activities and Bible study, in addition to regular Sunday morning services. On Sunday evenings I am an AWANA leader for 9th and 10th grade girls. On Wednesday evenings, I am teaching a class on what the Bible teaches about illness and healing, and on Thursday evenings (Oct – Feb) I coach our AWANA high school Bible Quiz team. I look forward to writing more posts for Sundays because regardless of whether one is a Christian or not, believes that the Bible is the inspired word of God or not, the Bible is great literature with timeless and universal stories.

There it is; three months in less than nine hundred words. I am back on the keyboard. I intend to post every five days following the above outline. I already know that Sunday’s post is going to be about Jonah and the whale.