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Do-It-Myself Writer’s Retreat

I have been dreaming of going to a writers’ retreat for years. While reading a magazine aimed at those of us pursing a writing career, I came across the idea of a DIY Writers’ Retreat. The article (which I have since lost and forgotten all the citation information) gave suggestions for holding your own writers’ retreat. That led me to google “writers’ retreats” (because don’t all writers research to death everything that crosses their minds?), and I found articles and blogs about attending retreats, hosting retreats, mini-retreats, and DIY retreats.

In addition to dreaming about writers’ retreats, I was also dreaming of sneaking away from my family (my sons are now young adults, and with everyone working and in school, they will barely miss me, although I will miss them by week’s end), city life, and the Texas heat to visit my best friend and her family on the horse farm they recently purchased in the mountains of Tennessee. In addition to the horses and farm life, my industrious friend is converting an above-the-garage apartment into a Bed & Breakfast. Critiquing the B & B and offering suggestions before she opens it to the public seems to be the least I can do, right?

After the insanity of selling our home (in case you missed it, we had a contract less than 48 hours after listing it, had to move out within 30 days, found lots of  major things we had to repair thanks to the inspections, couldn’t find an available apartment, technically homeless we lived with friends and house/pet-sat for two months, and just moved into our new apartment September 12 while hubby was gone to a work-related conference), I desperately needed a vacation, and Calgon couldn’t take me far enough away. My prayers were heard! I found an end-of-summer sale from one of the airlines, and purchased a unheard-of cheap plane ticket to Tennessee.

In an effort to get the most bang for the buck, I proposed spending half of my visit on a DIY writer’s retreat for one. My friend, who totally supports my dreams and goals, immediately agreed. The B & B is mine for two weeks. While she is taking care of her family, farm chores, and prior commitments, I will be focused on my writing. In the spirit of helping me achieve my goals, she has even suggested I may have to complete a daily word-count goal in order to get my meals–it seems to be the least she could do, right?

So here I am at Selah Farms. The picture to the right is the view I wake up to in the morning.

In preparation for my retreat, and based on the many suggestions I found while doing research on the topic, I have created a list of goals to accomplish during my two-week working vacation.

Today I got off to a good start. Good sleep, good eats, good friends, reading, enjoying nature, and I am almost to my daily word goal. Even Gizmo is enjoying farm life.

Happy Writing!!

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