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No Need to Write Alone

I was recently trying to help a friend who found herself in a rough spot. She kept telling me she had no ideas and was terrified of what was going to happen, yet every suggestion I made she responded to by saying she wasn’t comfortable asking that person for help, or she didn’t want to impose on anyone. Although I could appreciate her desire to be independent, it also made me sad as I knew that each of the people I suggested she contact would be thrilled to be able to help. Over the years I have learned and experienced the joy inherent in both helping others and being blessed by the help of others. Depending on the day and situation, I am happy to say I am regularly on both ends of the help spectrum.

I’ve been mulling this over for a couple weeks, and it led me to think of the many writers I know who are going it alone. I keep hearing people say that writing is such a lonely and solitary career choice. That has not been my experience. Judging from the acknowledgements pages in every book I’ve ever picked up, I would also dare to say it’s not the experience of most published authors either.

If you are struggling to write on a figurative island, I would like to help you by making a number of suggestions:

Now, I must warn you that there is a downside to participating in many of these events. There are so many wonderful and talented writers, that there is a very real danger that you may develop such a social writing life that you run out of time to write. However, considering the great friends I have made in the writing community, I strongly encourage you to take the risk. Happy Writing!

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