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5 Years, 100 Posts, and Chocolate

On one hand, it’s not like I ran a marathon. But then again, it kind of is. Today is the fifth anniversary and my one-hundredth post on Unleashing the Next Chapter. Part of me wants to celebrate with champagne and chocolate, and part of me wants to treat it like just another post.

If I’ve learned nothing else in my short 48 years, one of the biggest life lessons is that we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, and we must celebrate every day, victories big and small. So, allow me a moment to celebrate, and then figure out what exactly one hundred posts means.
This all started long before I created Unleashing the Next Chapter.

Now, what to do with these stats and lessons learned? What’s the plan for the next five years? While I think about that, let me share that it’s a dreary, rainy day in North Texas. Today is the fifth day I have been bed-bound from a flare up of Central Pain Syndrome. My sweet friend, Marsha, came over at noon—before the rain started—to take Gizmo out to play and to bring me lunch from a favorite Mediterranean restaurant and a chocolate brownie. She didn’t even know I had cause to celebrate today.
So here’s what my world looks like today. Welcome to my bedroom. Gizmo is lying to my left on his blanket, and Topaz the brown tabby cat, is curled up protectively by my miserable right leg. (I can’t figure out how these sweet souls know when I’m hurting and what not to bump or brush up against.) Chocolate brownie is to the right of my laptop. Excuse me for a minute while I eat my treat. If you have chocolate available, please join me. Cheers!

I have a few things already in the works for this site, and a few other ideas I’m playing with. I’m also open to suggestions if you have ideas for posts you’d like me to consider.

For those who have been with me from the beginning of this adventure (especially Mom and Steve), to all my regular and casual readers, and to those who have just happened upon this blog for the first time today…Thank you!

Please subscribe, like, and comment. I’d love to know how long you’ve followed this blog, and where in the world you are reading from–that would be a great way to help me celebrate today. You can also find me on Facebook at Kathryn McClatchy: Unleashing the Next Chapter, and Twitter @K_McClatchy.

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