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Did You Miss Me? Chronic Illness, Distractions, And Writing

Forgive me, Dear Reader, for I have neglected to write. It’s been three months since my last post. I created snippets of potential posts, but nothing worthy of publishing. This post may be more musings and ramblings than information, education, or inspiration, but here it is nonetheless…

To start, thank you for the many kind words while checking on me through email and social media. I am stunned and humbled by the kindness of my readers.

Since we last chatted, I have been averaging one feel-good, almost normal, low-pain day per week. There have been at least one or two miserable, please God, take me home already, days weekly. The remaining three or four days fall somewhere in the middle. I’ve had a revolving door of chronic flare-ups, and thankfully most of the time migraines, Central Pain Syndrome, and Ankylosing Spondylitis take turns, but at least once a month they all seem to attack simultaneously in a hellish pain storm that none of my medications touch. I see my pain management doctor again in three weeks. I already asked her nurse to look into some of the research I have found regarding ketamine injections and infusions. I don’t know if this is even an option for me due to drug allergies or conflicting diagnoses, but leaving no stone unturned.

Some of you have also asked for an update about the daith piercing I got for migraine management in April. Short answer is it’s not a cure, but it has helped in some ways, and I’m glad I did it. Long answer with details and pictures will be coming soon once it finishes healing and I can finally switch into a cute ring. I have pictures and a detailed log, and will answer as many questions as—perhaps more than—you would like to ask.

While surviving my less than ideal days and nights, distraction therapy is often what I rely on to keep my sanity when the meds fail. It also keeps me from whining on social media or texting my husband every fifteen minutes with a new complaint. Y’all are welcome.

On my dozen or so good days, I have been able to participate in some great writer and author events. More details and pictures are available on my Facebook page, but following are the highlights. Huge thanks to Marsha Hubbell and Steve McClatchy for being my happy helpers, partners in crime, and chauffeurs on these outings.

I don’t consider this proper atonement for three months of not posting, but at least it’s a start. And another shout out to the North Texas Writing Community at large and my WGT and WORD cohorts specifically. When they aren’t encouraging and inspiring me to write, a number of them are doing a great job of making me feel guilty for not writing. You know who you are!

Wishing us all much health, creativity, and productivity in the days ahead!

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