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How to clean and organize your virtual desktop…

At this very moment, does your desktop or laptop runneth over or runneth empty? We all have those days where overwhelm, overcommittment, don’t feel well, and can’t find that darn document seem to converge.

So today, on #NationalNewFriendsDay and #NationalCleanYourVirtualDesktopDay, let me help you out, friend, with some productivity tips that will help you find those documents and feel less overwhelmed. (You’ll still have to deal with the priorities and overcommittment, but maybe these tips will help you feel better about it all.)

1. Email runneth over is what I hear the most complaints about.

2. Desktop organization. If you keep every document, app, etc on your desktop you will never find anything and it will contribute to your sense of overwhelm every time you fire up your computer.

3. Make your desktop inspiring. Set a theme that makes you happy to get to work.

4. Don’t forget the maintenance!

Keeping my virtual desktop clean helps me realize that my cup is at least half-full! It also makes it easier and more efficient to get things done in less time, leaving me more time for what makes me happy, like spending time with family and friends.

What tips and tricks do you have to keep your virtual desktop and workspace clean? Optimism is a powerful tool, friends! How can I encourage you today?

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