All the author blogs and tweets are blowing up over the possibility of a Writers in Residence program through Amtrak. On their blog, Amtrak wrote about the first test run (read it here). Now everyone wants to go, and I do too! I have already demonstrated how much more work I accomplish away from home and all its distractions. I have worked on my novel and blog while house-sitting, and at a friend’s B & B, and those were highly productive retreats. I love Love LOVE to travel, and have used local light rail and Amtrak since my disability made me stop driving. I know I would get so much done, and develop so many ideas for characters, plot, and setting while taking a writing-ride.


Gizmo: Ready to Travel

So what makes my contribution for this AmtrakResidency different than any other writers’? I think I would be able to present a unique perspective regarding traveling with a Service Dog, as well as the ADA and mobility issues. Would you be interested in reading blog posts from the train? What would you want to know?

As I understand it, Amtrak is still in the development phase of this program and is creating an application process. In preparation for completing that application, I would like to increase the number of subscribers to this blog as well as the number of “Likes” on Gizmo’s Facebook page┬áso the kind folks at Amtrak will see that it would benefit them to give me this opportunity. If you are interested in following the application process (and hopefully the residency experience), please help me promote this blog and Gizmo’s Facebook page.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement!! I love all the comments, emails, and tweets you send me.