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Areas of Expertise & Services Offered:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Management

Event Marketing

Content Marketing

Branding and Creative Design

Please request a quote on the above services: All services are customized to meet the client’s objectives. A free 30-minute consultation is required to understand your unique situation and what exactly you need, and to evaluate if we will work well together. If agreed, a project proposal, timeline, quote, and contract will be provided within a week.

Click HERE to schedule your initial 30-minute chat, and let’s see how we can get you more confidence, data, freedom, and time to do what you do best! 

“I’ve worked with many social media “experts” over my 18 years in business. Many of Kathryn’s insights had never been surfaced before, and were significantly helpful. I highly recommend her to you.”

Marnie Swedberg, Founder/Director of Christian Women Speakers
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