Hand-washing and Gratitude

Friday was my birthday. What was to be a big weekend for me was pretty much high-jacked by the coronavirus. But my husband, son, and daughter-in-love did gather for a little while to celebrate another year. Which is more important than you might think because I'm one of the "at risk" population. See, I have… Continue reading Hand-washing and Gratitude


Seize the Day, Origami Kayaks, Grateful To Be Me…

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Patti Hall. Patti loves writing and traveling, and loves to share what she has learned in the process. She is debating starting her own blog, so I suggested she write a piece and post here to see how it's received and if it's something she… Continue reading Seize the Day, Origami Kayaks, Grateful To Be Me…


Soft-opening for my “new” website

Hey there, Family, Friends, and Fans... Long time, no blogging. Having spent more time than I care to admit researching, learning, and revising this site, I'm quietly sharing the news that I think it's about done. Perhaps. Maybe. I would love for a few of you kind souls to click on the links, check out… Continue reading Soft-opening for my “new” website


Growing pains–please be patient…

One of my big goals for January 2018 is to update and upgrade this site. It's been five years afterall... New, professional, author photos have already been taken. New blog posts are drafted. And now a new theme and some tech improvements are in progress.  That said, if you visit in the next couple weeks… Continue reading Growing pains–please be patient…


5 Years, 100 Posts, and Chocolate

On one hand, it’s not like I ran a marathon. But then again, it kind of is. Today is the fifth anniversary and my one-hundredth post on Unleashing the Next Chapter. Part of me wants to celebrate with champagne and chocolate, and part of me wants to treat it like just another post. If I’ve… Continue reading 5 Years, 100 Posts, and Chocolate

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Writing Fiction is Scary

There, I said it. Besides the fact that it’s hard work to keep creating stories, putting those ideas on paper in a format that others can access (from my mind to the your mind…sounds rather like a Vulcan mind meld), and then the required platform building and marketing… Most readers don’t understand that fiction writers,… Continue reading Writing Fiction is Scary


How We Honor Women

Today is International Women’s Day, observed since 1909, recognized by the United Nations in 1975. While scouring my mother-in-law’s kitchen sink this afternoon, I had my own realization about women and how we care for each other. It made me nostalgic, sad, proud, and concerned all at the same time. Soon after I became a… Continue reading How We Honor Women


What’s keeping you from soaring?

Do you ever feel like your creative endeavor isn’t worth the effort because you’ll never be as good at it as others are? You are not alone! This is something I struggle with more than anything else. I am competitive by nature, and was raised with the marching order: “If you’re going to do it,… Continue reading What’s keeping you from soaring?


Thank You!!

It's the two year anniversary of my blog!As of today, I've written 62 posts, received over 3,100 views, and have 558 followers. Slowly but surely I'm building my tribe. (Still optimistically hoping for a thousand followers by end of year.)I have learned a lot about writing, blogging, and publishing over the last two years. I started… Continue reading Thank You!!