Advocacy–Everyone can do Something

Recently a friend made a comment about all the advocacy tweets, posts, pictures, etc. on social media. She was annoyed and tired of it, and trying to figure out how to block it all. As I was chatting with her about the different forms advocacy took, she also wondered aloud what the purpose was of… Continue reading Advocacy–Everyone can do Something


Incoming!! –Facebook Grenade–

I witnessed the savage attack and consequent death of yet another online friendship this week. It was heartbreaking. It started innocently enough. A Facebook friend posted a meme on a controversial subject. No additional comments, just the meme. Then a friend of hers posted a very general, polite and respectful comment, suggesting a possible cause… Continue reading Incoming!! –Facebook Grenade–

Miscellaneous, My Life

Selah Farms

Selah is a Hebrew term used seventy-four times in the Old Testament. Since it is used mostly in the Psalms, it is thought to be a musical direction. Although its exact definition is unknown, it is most often defined as "to pause and consider" or "to rest." Since the Feezell family is musical to the… Continue reading Selah Farms


Preparing to Unleash

Since folks are already stumbling upon this blog, I think a note about the plan is appropriate. I am still figuring out WordPress, discovering widgets, and deciding on the look of this page. Please consider this blog under-construction and everything on it as practice until Tuesday, August 14, 2012. In my mind that is the day… Continue reading Preparing to Unleash