If you’re like me, you probably make the same resolution every year: this year, I’m finally going to write that book, proposal, grant, manual, or dissertation. Then you get stuck. Then you get busy. Then you give up. Sound familiar? It has been for me, too. So let’s think about what we can do about it.

Have you heard of a “writing coach”? It’s coaching for writers, and a service I offer.

What type of writers can you help? I have successfully worked with:

  • graduate students writing theses and dissertations;
  • professors writing textbooks;
  • journalists writing articles;
  • corporate executives writing proposals, research reports, correspondence, and company policy manuals;
  • retired individuals writing memoirs for family or publication;
  • genealogists turning family history into narrative; and
  • fiction writers creating flash, short stories, and novels (my fiction genre strengths include literary, mystery, historical, and suspense/thriller).

Who needs a writing coach? The short answer: Anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level. More specifically:

  • Do you need an objective review and critique of your writing skills?
  • Do you need help setting goals and being accountable?
  • Are you stuck as to figure out the next step in your project?
  • Do you have so many ideas you can’t organize them in a useful manner?
  • Are your writing skills rusty or lacking, but you don’t have the time to commit to taking a college class to update or learn new writing skills?
  • Do you want to partner with someone who can provide direction, resources, encouragement and accountability on your schedule via phone, email, or Skype?
    …then you might be looking for a writing coach.

What do you not do for writers? As a writing coach, I do not co-write, ghost-write, or provide editing services. I am not an agent, nor do I work with publishing companies; therefore, I will not guarantee publication or sales.

Why should I hire Kathryn McClatchy as my writing coach?

  • I have the knowledge and skills from years of doing, teaching, and tutoring writing in corporate, academic, and creative settings. I have the ability and desire to help writers improve.
  • I spent over a decade as a competitive swim coach, working with novice, intermediate, and advanced athletes. I loved helping them set goals, learn skills, compete, and work toward their personal bests. I have the ability and desire to help people become their best versions of themselves and to compete in their fields.
  • I excelled in corporate and academic settings where I worked primarily from home assisting clients by email and Skype (anyone remember X-talk?), as well as designing and teaching college composition classes online. My senior project at Texas Woman’s University was to take down and recreate their Online Writing Center (OWL), and as a grad student I worked with graduate students from all over the world via the TWU Write Site. I have techie inclinations that could help writers around the world, or who travel, or who need to meet at odd hours.

What do you charge for your services? That will depend on the service and time commitment.

  • An initial free consultation, up to one hour by phone or Skype, will allow us to determine your objectives and get a feel for how well we might work together.
  • Basic rate is $50/one hour session. Should you wish me to read and critique your pages prior to our session, I charge $3/page.
  • If you wish to make a larger commitment by month or project, I offer some other package rates. Look at the Writing Coach page to see more details. If you are looking for a service not listed, please ask anyway. I may still be able to help you, or recommend someone who can.

Every year I try to add a new aspect to “Unleashing The Next Chapter.” Welcome to 2017! How will you unleash your next chapter? Could hiring me as your writing coach be part of achieving your writing goals? To learn more, please email KathrynMcClatchy@gmail.com or phone 469-607-5920.