So many people are waiting for life and circumstances to be “just right” before launching that business, writing that book, starting a family, or unleashing the next chapter of life.

Here’s the big secret of those you think are successful: the time will never be “just right.” If you want it bad enough, you sacrifice, hustle, show up, and work around whatever obstacles are in your way.

The second big secret is that social media is a highlight reel, not real life. Stop comparing your life in the trenches with someone else’s vacation photos at the beach. Don’t compare your debut novel’s rough-draft with your favorite author’s traditionally-published best-seller. Stop comparing apples to oranges. Better yet, just STOP COMPARING.

My reality today is I’m on day two of a flare up, and am working from bed because my service dog won’t let me up. The nerve and joint pain, vertigo, and instability are too great for me to have a “picture perfect” day, but here’s the picture any way. We moved recently, and there are still boxes to unpack and drapes to hang (we have lovely thermal black-out drapes for the master bedroom, but darn if we can find them… they will turn up in a mismarked box, I feel certain).

The other reality is that from my bed this morning, being waited on by Nurse Gizmo, I have answered all my emails, completed today’s portion of an Instagram challenge, signed another coaching client, and taken care of one of my my social media clients.

Did you know that Winston Churchill got the bulk of his work done from his bathtub? He overcame a stammer to become an orator, battled clinical depression (modern medical experts now believe he lived with bipolar disorder), and was also a young stroke survivor. He figured out how to work around his limitations to help lead the world during one of its darkest chapters in history.

No matter what your challenge, limitation, or disability, you can find famous and successful people who overcame the exact same situation or worse, and draw inspiration from them.

So, my dear aspiring [author, entrepreneur, fill in the blank], stop waiting and stop comparing. The time and circumstances will never be just right. Do the best you can with the talents and resources you currently have and know that something is always better than nothing. You may not be able to change the whole world, but you can most certainly change your world.

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What creative ways you have found to work around the challenges and limitations that threaten to derail your dream? Please comment below. Let’s share solutions and creative options.