After careers (yep, that was meant to be plural…marketing, newspaper, competitive swim coach, teacher, tutor, professor, corporate trainer) where the only common thread was teaching, I am so pleased to be able to add “Professional Coach” to my list of services offered.

My coaching strengths include:

  • … helping writers, of all genres and experience levels, figure out their stories, and how to most efficiently write them.
  • … working with entrepreneurs in developing social media strategies and content calendars, and writing the content to best portray their businesses.
  • … supporting non-profits by training their volunteers in designing and maintaining social media platforms.
  • … finding systems to help you be your most productive. We all have the same 24 hours per day, but what we do with those hours and how we make the most of the time is as individual as each human.

To determine if my strengths fit your needs, I offer one introductory hour-long free consultation for every new client. This can be in person, by phone, or video chat. After discussing the project objectives and status, what has worked well and what hasn’t, and how I can support and improve the process, we will then determine how best to proceed and discuss scheduling and fees.

You can contact me by email at and put COACHING CONSULTATION in the subject line. Or you may phone or text me at 469-607-5920 (I tend to turn the do not disturb feature on when working, so be sure to leave a message and best time to return your call).

Referrals & Testimonials:

What’s In Your Box-Trolley?

Okay, so guys. You know that one friend you have? The one whose life would be five million percent better if they would just listen to you and [dump that worthless mofo / see a therapist / try the diet or program that changed your life / etc]?

Let me be that friend for a moment. And let me confess: I don’t mean to be obstinate or ungrateful. It’s just that even if your advice or solution is absolutely correct, I can’t make the leap from where I am to where you want me to go. The gap is too big, and I can’t see the other side from here.

So if you really, really, super-actually want to help me (your hapless hypothetical friend), here is what you can do: create a space where I can get completely outside this mess of mine, even if only for a day or two – a place where I can rest, catch my breath, and clear my mind. You see my problem so clearly, because you’re *outside* it. If you love me, please help me get outside of it too – and then listen to me when I tell you what’s really going on in there.

Kathryn McClatchy did exactly that for me this weekend, and it has remade me. I have known for YEARS that I needed help – delegation skills, an assistant, etc. – but have never made any meaningful progress in getting things off my plate. So finally, in a breakdown moment of frustration and despair, I booked her for a two-day intervention at a little cabin in Granbury… and oh my gouda.

She let me dump my entire to-do list in her lap, and then patiently sorted through it with me. She didn’t tell me that I had to use a certain program or hire a certain person. She didn’t arrive with a pre-fab holy-grail solution in mind. She just asked every good question in the book, and helped me build a system around the brain and workstyle and habits I already have. And I have never felt so helped or so overwhelmingly *heard*.

And if you could use some help with that, holler. I know just the lady you need to talk to.

Posted by Tex at 2:51 PM

“This here is a photo I took while I was walking the neighborhood around the cabin, and I hope it will serve as a helpful reminder: y’all, build your system to accommodate your nature, and not the other way around.”
~~ Tex Thompson