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Why Houseplants? Portal to important people and memories

Does anyone share or trade plant cuttings anymore? Houseplants ... I know it's a different topic for me, but I'm feeling nostalgic and simultaneously attempting to rebuild my plant collection. I don't do many story-times, but here we go... My grandmother had an amazing green thumb. Indoor and outdoor plants. I can't even guess at… Continue reading Why Houseplants? Portal to important people and memories

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What Inspires Me…”Comadres”

I am still recovering and processing all the thoughts and feels from the weekend. My baby got married. So, today's prompt in the #SCFacebookChallenge, "what inspires you," is too much for a Facebook post. As I think over the past week, the activity, the phone calls, the last minute craziness, disagreements and apologies, the rehersal… Continue reading What Inspires Me…”Comadres”

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Enjoying the Journey Dad, but Missing You

Dad died eight years ago today. (This last minute post started as a note for family and friends on my personal Facebook page, but before hitting send, I decided it’s appropriate to share here with the world…) I come from a practical, rather stoic family. Birth, taxes, death…just parts of every life. We acknowledge the… Continue reading Enjoying the Journey Dad, but Missing You

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Celebrating 28-years because and in spite of…

Last weekend Steve and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed meals at new-to-us restaurants, visited Fort Worth, museums, Sundance Square, a night in a hotel, church with our youngest and his girlfriend, and reminisced about so many things we have experienced and learned over those years. Steve did some Facebook check-ins and status… Continue reading Celebrating 28-years because and in spite of…


How We Honor Women

Today is International Women’s Day, observed since 1909, recognized by the United Nations in 1975. While scouring my mother-in-law’s kitchen sink this afternoon, I had my own realization about women and how we care for each other. It made me nostalgic, sad, proud, and concerned all at the same time. Soon after I became a… Continue reading How We Honor Women

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Observations after two-week media fast…

I warn you now that this may be more rambling than I usually engage in. My two-week media fast was not in search of spiritual clarity or any esoteric goal, but was due to headaches and migraines which blur my vision and exacerbate my light sensitivity. I stayed off the computer for the most part, and… Continue reading Observations after two-week media fast…

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The topic today is CARDS…

… mainly because tomorrow is Father’s Day, and because I’ve spent too much of my free time lately playing Solitaire. My son has gotten me completely addicted to the Microsoft Solitaire Collection app. It has daily challenges around five games: FreeCell, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. But my obsession goes back much further. I blame… Continue reading The topic today is CARDS…