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The Next Step–Get Published!

As I'm sure every pre-published author has, I read Stephen King's On Writing, and pretty much every other autobiography of successful novelists I could get my hands on. The majority started out writing and selling short stories. So, I prepared to do the same thing. I have written some flash fiction (short, short stories of 1,000… Continue reading The Next Step–Get Published!


Gizmo’s ready to travel

We're so grateful for all the new followers to Gizmo's Facebook Page, and hope you will also follow this page (scroll down until you see the FOLLOW button below or on the right). We will keep you posted on our opportunity of traveling and writing via Amtrak.

Writerly Life

Amtrak Residency–I want to go!!

All the author blogs and tweets are blowing up over the possibility of a Writers in Residence program through Amtrak. On their blog, Amtrak wrote about the first test run (read it here). Now everyone wants to go, and I do too! I have already demonstrated how much more work I accomplish away from home… Continue reading Amtrak Residency–I want to go!!

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Motivation to jump-start 2014

I love swimming. Seriously. I LOVE swimming. I don't place any stock in astrology, but I am a Pisces and I am fascinated by marine biology --especially dolphins and whales-- and my happy place is always near water, specifically the Pacific Ocean at sunset. Did I mention I love swimming? I grew up swimming in… Continue reading Motivation to jump-start 2014

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Wishing You a Successful 2014

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” ― Robert H. Schuller This question repeatedly popped up over the last month. It inspires dreaming. If I couldn't fail... If money wasn't an issue... If I had no one else to consider... What would I do? Do you know what you would… Continue reading Wishing You a Successful 2014

Writerly Life

DIY Writer’s Retreat Debriefing

"That Perfect tranquility of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library."  ~~Aprha Behn I have now been home for two weeks from my DIY Writer's Retreat, and as this is the eve of NaNoWriMo, it's the perfect time to reflect on what I set out to… Continue reading DIY Writer’s Retreat Debriefing

Writerly Life

Do-It-Myself Writer’s Retreat

I have been dreaming of going to a writers' retreat for years. While reading a magazine aimed at those of us pursing a writing career, I came across the idea of a DIY Writers' Retreat. The article (which I have since lost and forgotten all the citation information) gave suggestions for holding your own writers'… Continue reading Do-It-Myself Writer’s Retreat

My Life

What am I doing here?

The short answer is “writing.” I have created this blog because as a writer I must write. I have written in diaries and journals since elementary school. I have written more book reports and summaries than I can count. I attempted my first fiction story during summer vacation before third grade when I was enthralled… Continue reading What am I doing here?