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Bouchercon2019 Dallas Convention Highlights

I'm tying up the loose ends as social media manager for Bouchercon2019. There were over 1700 attendees. There were multiple panels, interviews, and activities happening simultaneously for almost four days at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. It was a wonderful job that allowed me to go in and out of all the sessions and events, but… Continue reading Bouchercon2019 Dallas Convention Highlights

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Not your typical police procedural…

This review is long overdue, as I read the book months ago. I also should disclose that I read it mainly because, although I love mysteries, I had met Prakash Dighé through the Dallas, TX writing community and found him to be a very kind man who had lived an interesting life. I wanted to… Continue reading Not your typical police procedural…

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Book Review: TIDEWATER MURDER by C. Hope Clark

Tidewater Murder is #2 in the Carolina Slade series by C. Hope Clark. I was late to the party, and unfortunately am reading the series in reverse order, having started with Palmetto Poison, which is #3. I really enjoyed Tidewater Murder, and would love to do an in-depth analysis of this book, but will forgo the pleasure… Continue reading Book Review: TIDEWATER MURDER by C. Hope Clark

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Book Review: PALMETTO POISON by C. Hope Clark

Palmetto Poison is #3 in the Carolina Slade series by C. Hope Clark. I confess I have not read the previous installments, and almost opted not to review this book as I felt guilty for not starting at the beginning. After a bit more thought I decided to see if this book could stand alone.… Continue reading Book Review: PALMETTO POISON by C. Hope Clark

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Researching WWII Children

I am the first to admit that I can justify almost any form of procrastination, but my hands-down favorite is research! This became such a problem while in graduate school that one of my professors made me parrot "It's not done, it's only due" every time she saw me about campus. I had missed too many… Continue reading Researching WWII Children

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Book Review: Partners in Crime by James Reid

I was fortunate to be able to purchase a pre-release copy of Partners in Crime by James Reid. I read it in less than twenty-four hours as I was unable to put it down. You can find the summary and purchase information on the author's website and Goodreads.com. This hard-boiled police procedural is set in Atlanta… Continue reading Book Review: Partners in Crime by James Reid

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Everything is a Mystery

A number of us from my local writers' guild just completed a challenge to observe our surroundings for ten days, and each day to come up with five potential novel ideas. At the end of the ten days, we were to turn the three best ideas into elevator pitches of fifty words or less and… Continue reading Everything is a Mystery

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Appearances are Deceiving

I had a great time at the Mystery Writers of America’s monthly meeting Saturday morning. Our guest speaker was a psychotherapist who shared information on personality disorders in order to help us develop more accurate, rounded, and dynamic villains. After the presentation we ate and visited. Hanging out with a group of writers is always… Continue reading Appearances are Deceiving

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Praying for Aurora, CO

Like most people, I was shocked to learn about the shootings in Aurora, CO. My prayers are for the victims, the police officers and FBI agents working the case, the EMTs and doctors who had to ignore their own feelings to care for the wounded, the families of all involved, the community as a whole,… Continue reading Praying for Aurora, CO