Gizmo Testimonial…

Our family has been friends with the Seelyes for over 25 years. Imagine our joy to learn they moved to Granbury a month after Steve accepted his new job here and we started preparing to move. The first week after I moved to town, we went to the annual Granbury Christmas Parade with them. It's… Continue reading Gizmo Testimonial…

Reading and Writing

Giving Paws–Book Review and Recommendation

Giving Paws, Martha L. Thompson, Self-Help: Personal Growth/Happiness Stars: 4.5 I must confess at the outset that this book was sent to me by the author. She discovered my website a number of months before her book was released. As we both write about experiences with invisible/chronic illnesses and our service dogs, we quickly connected.… Continue reading Giving Paws–Book Review and Recommendation


What’s new with Gizmo, my medical alert service dog?

I just realized it’s been two years since I last blogged about my service dog. I know many keep up with his daily life and activities through his Facebook and Instagram pages. I love that he has his own friends and following. I tell him about his analytics and followers every month, and fortunately it… Continue reading What’s new with Gizmo, my medical alert service dog?


Road Trip with Service Dog

After three months of feeling miserable, my doctors changed some of my medications and the clouds parted. After three years in seminary, my husband graduated with a M.A. in Counseling. An even bigger surprise was discovering Hubby was scheduled off an entire weekend without asking for it. We decided these events required some celebrating and… Continue reading Road Trip with Service Dog


No, you may not pet my Service Dog…

...but thanks for asking. In case you can't read it, Gizmo has a sign on his harness that says "SERVICE DOG do not distract." Have you ever wondered why? I know I did before I was partnered with my half lab/half guardian angel. I am amazed at how often complete strangers see my service dog (SD)… Continue reading No, you may not pet my Service Dog…


Gizmo’s ready to travel

We're so grateful for all the new followers to Gizmo's Facebook Page, and hope you will also follow this page (scroll down until you see the FOLLOW button below or on the right). We will keep you posted on our opportunity of traveling and writing via Amtrak.

Writerly Life

Amtrak Residency–I want to go!!

All the author blogs and tweets are blowing up over the possibility of a Writers in Residence program through Amtrak. On their blog, Amtrak wrote about the first test run (read it here). Now everyone wants to go, and I do too! I have already demonstrated how much more work I accomplish away from home… Continue reading Amtrak Residency–I want to go!!


Tips for Traveling with a Service Dog

Gizmo and I have been partnered for two years, and during that time we've done planes, trains, automobiles, and hotels in the course of our travels. I get asked a lot of questions by curious dog lovers as well as new Service Dog (SD) partners. Since we just returned from a working vacation that included… Continue reading Tips for Traveling with a Service Dog


Dog Lovers, please read

“You’ll have to excuse me; I’m a dog lover…” I hate that sentence. I have learned that what follows is going to be problematic. This “dog lover” will invariably start petting Gizmo while commenting that the WORKING DOG—DO NOT PET sign on his vest doesn’t apply to dog lovers, will want to tell me about… Continue reading Dog Lovers, please read


Help Wanted: Service Dog Trainer

Gizmo needs a new trainer. Of all the things I thought through, researched, and planned for when I started the process of getting a service dog (SD), finding a new trainer midstream never occurred to me. Who plans that the trainer might die half way through the job, or that the late trainer’s family might… Continue reading Help Wanted: Service Dog Trainer