Why Kathryn McClatchy is uniquely qualified…

My Marketing and Social Media history starts before we even had the internet and social media.

  • I have been selling and promoting since I was a teenager. I watched my parents market their entrepreneurial and nonprofit endeavors, often being voluntold to help. Before graduating high school I had worked for a financial planner and insurance agency as an administrative assistant for their marketing.
  • I went to college as a business major, focusing on marketing.
  • I worked for newspapers as an advertising executive, helping local businesses create advertising plans, and then creating the copy and ads to run in the newspapers, and reporting back to the advertiser the results.
  • Later I worked for Decision Analyst, Inc., a market research company, where I assisted with customer satisfaction surveys, ad campaign focus groups, product surveys, secret shoppers, etc., and the analysis and reporting of the data collected, for local and international companies in a variety of industries.
  • Those years learning the basics of marketing are now what makes Unleashing the Next Chapter so much more than a social media manager or content creator.
  • Additionally, my education and experience teaching composition, digital writing, rhetoric, and literary analysis, as well as writing for newspapers and magazines, was essential training for today’s online environment.
  • I have been participating, and learning, and analyzing social media since it’s inception. I know what works and what doesn’t and why.