I don’t remember ever not writing. While most children draw pictures, I drew squiggles and explained the stories they represented. My mom still has the stories I wrote in second grade, and the following summer I tried my hand at my first novel, à la Trixie Beldon and Nancy Drew. In fifth grade I got my first journal…

Today I write:

              • Creative…my fiction tends lean towards mystery and thriller. It doesn’t matter what I intend to write, there always seems to be a dead body by the end of Act I. The setting may change between Victorian England, the Old West, the 1960s, contemporary, or even the future on imagined planets, but the common theme seems to be freedom and finding the truth. Extremes seem part of my repertoire, as I prefer writing novels or flash fiction.
              • Content… for social media, newsletters, emails, magazines… for myself or my clients.
              • Copy… my first paid writing gigs were in the late 1980s writing ad copy for newspapers. I learned so much about sales and marketing. Now I apply those skills to digital copy-writing.
              • Blog… my love of journaling only grew in the forty-plus years since I got that first diary. I still journal, but I also love to blog about all the things that interest me. I may not be consistent, but I am persistent, and there are over 140 posts on this blog, and more to come.

One of my very first blog posts when I created this site in 2012 explains what was, and still is, my motivation and passion for writing: I am a Writer!

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