You Need Me Because…

  • Even though the teenager next door might have a gazillion followers on her Instagram or TicTok, what is she selling? What is her conversion rate? Does she explain the end-of-month analytics in a way you can use to improve your engagement, and build a loyal customer base? Does she understand SEO and how to get your posts and ads in front of your target audience? Does she know who your target audience is and is she able to design content to attract and not repel them?
  • I am a firm believer that anyone can learn anything if they want to. But if writing and marketing isn’t your passion, like it is mine, why would you take time away from doing what you love and the day to day activities of your chosen endeavor to do what I have been studying and practicing for over thirty years?
  • Over those thirty-years, I have worked with start-ups, nonprofits, international events, indie and traditional authors, corporations, and Fortune-100 companies. I may not know all the answers, but I am willing to bet that in that time I have amassed experience that you need, or know who to call.
  • I have a list of recent satisfied clients and references you can call, available upon request.

“I had the privilege of working with Kathryn with a client called Bouchercon 2019. I was incredibly surprised at how amazing Kathryn’s work ethic was and how well she communicated with the team. She was a sponge for new techniques and was incredible at how she put these techniques into practice. She’s a warm personality, incredibly thoughtful, and very determined to not only see the job through but deliver 500% more than what you expect. The client was difficult but she never let anything other than professionalism be shown. Without a doubt, I would recommend Kathryn on your next adventure. She’s a perfect example of hard work and shows how a student can become a master.”

Robert Burnie, MD–Atero Marketing Group