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Authorpreneurs Unleashed: Demystifying the Business of Writing. New Podcast every Sunday evening. Hosted by Kathryn McClatchy and Unleashing the Next Chapter.

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Hi, I’m Kathryn, your host. Over the years, I have learned that many fabulous authors are missing out on book sales because they don’t understand the Business of Writing.

The goal of this podcast is to demystify the entrepreneurial side of being an author. Each week we will talk with authors who are doing these things well, and provide actionable info so you can become the Authorpreneur you want to be.

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Episode 11: Publishing Wide with Clarissa Gosling (9/25/22)

Episode 10: Events with William R. “Bud” Humble (9/18/22)

Episode 09: Networking Within Genre with Sarah Gamez (9/11/22)

Episode 08: Connection Through Storytelling with Kathryn McClatchy (9/04/22)

Episode 07: History & Future of A.I. with Dr. Hugh Burns, Part 2 (8/28/22)

Episode 06: History & Future of A.I. with Dr. Hugh Burns, Part 1 (8/21/22)

Episode 05: Coaching with Jessica White (8/14/22)

Episode 04: Project Management with Kelley Rene (8/07/22)

Episode 03: Networking with Tex Thompson (7/31/22)

Episode 02: Book Launches with Kate Forsyth (7/24/22)

Episode 01: Branding with Kat Calaway (7/17/22)

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