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I’m Kathryn McClatchy, a writer, public speaker, social media consultant, coach, and advocate. What started as a simple blog to showcase my writing and advocacy after surviving a number of strokes, has grown into a multi-faceted business fed by my varied interests and over thirty years of experience in publishing, education, marketing, coaching, and Bible study.

I serve creative entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses by strategically crafting and publishing content and copy that increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversion rates with current and potential customers. I keep up with your analytics as well as current trends, technology, and techniques of online content marketing so you don’t have to. Using that information, I fine-tune your online marketing strategy each month to get you consistently improving results. Click on the SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANT button to see how I can benefit your endeavors.

My background in sales, market research, education, newspaper and magazine, coaching, and teaching Bible, in addition to my crazy and miraculous health journey, has opened doors for opportunities to speak at conferences, workshops, retreats, and online events. I love encouraging, enlightening, and entertaining. Click on the SPEAKER button to see upcoming events and topics.

Teaching has been my vocation and avocation since childhood. While other girls played house, I forced my little brother and his playmates to practice reading, writing, and math. In corporate jobs, I always ended up as a trainer. As a swim coach, I learned a new level of teaching. I returned to school to earn a dual master’s degree –a M.A. in English and M.I.T. (Master’s in Teaching). I was “all but thesis” for the M.A., and one class shy of the M.I.T. when the strokes hit. Now I coach creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofit organizations on productivity, online platform building, social media best practices, and writing. Click on the COACH button and let’s see if I can teach you how to reach your goals more efficiently.

In addition to writing creative nonfiction and fiction, I facilitate an annual Flash Fiction Contest for the Writers Guild of Texas, and serve as Vice-president of W.O.R.D.,. I write online content, emails, newsletters, and more for clients and myself. Whether you are a reader, writer, business, or nonprofit, click the WRITER box to read more–there’s something for everyone.

Post-strokes I had to learn how to speak, read, and write again. I vowed then to be a voice for those unable to speak for themselves. The five causes I am most passionate about are Religious Freedom, Literacy, Ending Human-trafficking, Invisible Disabilities, and the Service Dog community. Click on the ADVOCATE icon to learn more.

… January 2022

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Happy reading, writing, and Unleashing your Next Chapter!

~~ Kathryn

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