This is another blog post that started out as a Facebook status update, but grew too long, and seems appropriate for a blog post. Actually, this may be happening regularly for the next four to six weeks.

Thank you to my personal Facebook friends for all your prayers and kind words. It’s going to be a challenging month. I am so grateful for my nearby friends who have offered to help with Gizmo, drive me to doctor appointments, and bring meals (we appreciate that it’s out of the comfort zone of many since we’re vegan). I have already communicated with many, and Gizmo’s afternoon potty and play break is covered all but Thursday of next week, and every Tuesday until I’m back on my feet. ๐Ÿ’œ

For those of you who do not keep up with mine and Gizmo’s social media (there are links below or to the upper right of this post), I took a fall on Tuesday, April 3rd. I turned my ankle, and came crashing down. I have hurt my strong side (I have right-sided weakness since my strokes) and the results of yesterday’s doctor appointment and x-rays:

  • my left ankle is sprained,
  • my left fifth metatarsal is cleanly broken through,
  • my left wrist is sprained,
  • there’s a possible fracture in one of the tiny bones in that wrist,
  • multiple scrapes and abrasions on knees and hands, and
  • I’ll be in a boot and wrist splint for four to six weeks.

Here’s my view today:

It seems like divine timing that I had just finished reading the biography of Amy Carmichael, a pioneering missionary to India. She has been one of my heroes since childhood, but I never realized she had been an invalid the last 20 years of her life. From her bed in the jungles of India, in the middle of the orphanage she founded, suffering from what sounds like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome–a sister diagnosis to what I have, Amy wrote a number of internationally best-selling books between 1931 and 1951 (thirty books in her lifetime). On a manual typewriter, no less.

Now to figure out how I can productively use my time, and not fritter it away whining on social media… ๐Ÿค” I have plenty of books to read once I figure out how to do it one-handed. I have downloaded an audiobook to keep me company while the pain and swelling are at their worst. I will attempt to work on my writing using voice recognition technology on my laptop since I can’t type. The Migraine World Summit and Peak Work Performance Summit are both online in April, so I now will have time to watch all those interviews and seminars guilt free. And, I am steadily working on building Gizmo’s social media in advance of releasing #WhysThatDogInHere. I hope this accident doesn’t affect my publication timeline too much.

Ok, I’m off. Thanks again for all the prayers and kind words. I have the best of friends!