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Writing Fiction is Scary

There, I said it. Besides the fact that it’s hard work to keep creating stories, putting those ideas on paper in a format that others can access (from my mind to the your mind…sounds rather like a Vulcan mind meld), and then the required platform building and marketing… Most readers don’t understand that fiction writers,… Continue reading Writing Fiction is Scary

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Dear Christians, we need to do better…

Over the last few weeks, some annual lists came out that have me heartbroken, frustrated, and more than a little angry. One of my goals on this blog and social media is to advocate for religious freedom. I truly understand that not everyone is going to believe as I do. But as a Christian (according… Continue reading Dear Christians, we need to do better…

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Women of Acts: Sapphira

(If you would like to read these posts in order, here's the link to the "Intro to the Women of Acts." The Bible references are linked so you can read them online if you choose.) Early in the life of the new Church, we learn that they shared their possessions and supplied each other’s needs.  Acts… Continue reading Women of Acts: Sapphira

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I am not ashamed…

Growing up in an active Christian community in Wisconsin was a blessing.  In the Midwest it wasn't cool to be a Christian. You either were or you weren't, there was little, if any, middle ground or grey area. I don't remember ever being picked on or ostracized for my faith, but there was something dependable in knowing… Continue reading I am not ashamed…

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Women of Acts: Series Introduction

One of my passions over the last twenty-five years has been studying and teaching the women of the Bible. Did you know there are 180 women named in the Bible and 200+ other women referred to as someone’s wife, daughter, etc.? I have had the privilege of speaking to women's groups and Bible studies, as well as… Continue reading Women of Acts: Series Introduction

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Encouragement from the Woman with the Issue of Blood

I've suffered from chronic and invisible illnesses since I was a teenager. Migraines at 15, endometriosis at 17, back issues thanks to a car accident in college, Crohn's Disease and Anylosing Spondylitis in my 20s, and then strokes which are probably symptomatic of a larger neurological disorder in my late 30s. I have frustrated family,… Continue reading Encouragement from the Woman with the Issue of Blood

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Women in the Honor Roll of Faith

Hebrews 11 is often referred to as the “Honor Roll of the Faithful.”  It lists the many people who were remembered, not for being perfect or better than others, but for being faithful.  Faith, per Hebrews 11:1 “is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  So, if… Continue reading Women in the Honor Roll of Faith

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My Favorite Childhood Story…with grown-up applications

I imagine every one fondly remembers that favorite childhood bedtime story. I know I do. It was always a treat to spend the night at Grandma’s house, but the best part for me was that she always asked me what Bible story I wanted her to read before we said our prayers and turned off… Continue reading My Favorite Childhood Story…with grown-up applications

My Life

Back on the Keyboard

After four decades of making amazing plans, setting solid goals, and having them dissolve like a vapor in the wind, it still surprises me when things don’t go according to plan. Growing up, my family motto was “all plans are subject to change.” I had great plans for my writing in November, and now it’s… Continue reading Back on the Keyboard

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Peanuts and Sound Theology

I grew up loving the Peanuts cartoon by Charles M. Schulz. Still do. A number of friends posted this installment on Facebook, and it got me to thinking… So many things are said and done in the name of Christianity that have nothing to do with the Bible or being a Christian. I find it… Continue reading Peanuts and Sound Theology