• January 13, 2024


    Transitioning into 2024: What UtNC is Leaving Behind and Gearing Up For

    Welcome to the first blog post of 2024. I'm in a new home in a new state, working out of a new space with new goals for Unleashing the Next[...]

  • February 16, 2023


    AI Tools–for better or for worse–for writers and artists

    I use Artificial Intelligence. And here’s the thing I know to be true: AI is a tool. It will no more replace artists than the camera did. Check your history—there[...]

  • November 15, 2021


    Hello again…

    Hi there! I feel like it's been too long since we've chatted. If you're curious what's new in my world, well there's #Butler_the_SDiT. He'll be six-months old next week, and[...]

  • May 12, 2021


    How I Discovered Lemonade and a New Business out of Life’s Lemons

    When life gives you lemons, do you:A) Make lemonade;B) Learn to juggle; orC) Add a little vodka and soda? Story time! Ever wonder how I got interested in social media[...]

  • July 7, 2020


    Why Houseplants? Portal to important people and memories

    Does anyone share or trade plant cuttings anymore? Houseplants ... I know it's a different topic for me, but I'm feeling nostalgic and simultaneously attempting to rebuild my plant collection.[...]

  • March 16, 2020


    Hand-washing and Gratitude

    Friday was my birthday. What was to be a big weekend for me was pretty much high-jacked by the coronavirus. But my husband, son, and daughter-in-love did gather for a[...]

  • October 30, 2018


    What Inspires Me…”Comadres”

    I am still recovering and processing all the thoughts and feels from the weekend. My baby got married. So, today's prompt in the #SCFacebookChallenge, "what inspires you," is too much[...]

  • September 20, 2018


    Are you keeping up with the changes? Life & Social Media

    We've all heard some version of the old adage, "If you're not changing, you're dying." Since you last read a blog post from me, I've done a lot of changing.[...]

  • March 26, 2018


    Enjoying the Journey Dad, but Missing You

    Dad died eight years ago today. (This last minute post started as a note for family and friends on my personal Facebook page, but before hitting send, I decided it’s[...]

  • November 20, 2017


    Celebrating 28-years because and in spite of…

    Last weekend Steve and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed meals at new-to-us restaurants, visited Fort Worth, museums, Sundance Square, a night in a hotel, church with our[...]

Kathryn McClatchy
I am a Christian, wife, mother, friend, reader, daydreamer, writer, teacher, digital media strategist, public speaker, stroke survivor, assistance dog partner, and so much more.

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