Writerly Life

Plants, an antique mall, and a WIP– storytime

Exciting find at the antique store this weekend! So, a little story for my reading, writing, and planty friends... (I'm looking at you, Audrice!) Some of you know I have a weakness for houseplants, and got this beautiful Calathea "Fusion White" for my birthday in March. We went to this specific antique shop because a… Continue reading Plants, an antique mall, and a WIP– storytime

Stuff of Mystery

Researching WWII Children

I am the first to admit that I can justify almost any form of procrastination, but my hands-down favorite is research! This became such a problem while in graduate school that one of my professors made me parrot "It's not done, it's only due" every time she saw me about campus. I had missed too many… Continue reading Researching WWII Children