The short answer is “writing.” I have created this blog because as a writer I must write.

I have written in diaries and journals since elementary school. I have written more book reports and summaries than I can count. I attempted my first fiction story during summer vacation before third grade when I was enthralled with Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon, and I was sure I could crank out my own mystery novel before school started in the fall. I have written for newspapers, magazines, and academic conferences with some measure of success. I have written business reports, advertising, and corporate newsletters. In grad school, I wrote the first short story that I let other people read.

Now, my life has taken another twist. I am no longer writing for business, academia, or deadlines. After surviving strokes and realizing I can no longer hold down a regular job at the age of 40, I discovered that I had to adapt to a new normal. Thanks to the strokes I had to learn how to read and write again. Now, I am writing for me.

I have chosen to return to my first literary love—the mystery novel. I am currently writing a novel that I hope will one day be published. I dream of writing historical fiction and non-fiction books about the women of the Bible, surviving stroke, and life with a service dog. I joined writing groups, did a lot of research, and discovered that not only do I write better when I have a deadline and a purpose, but agents and publishers expect authors to already have a following before offering to publish their work.

As I have told hundreds of students, one needs to always keep the audience in mind when writing. We (I and hopefully you) are the audience I am currently writing for. I hope you will enjoy this next chapter of my life as I write, read, learn, and share a lot of that with you because that is what I’m doing here. I look forward to your feedback, debate, criticism, and encouragement because I hope that is what you are doing here.