Hi there! I feel like it’s been too long since we’ve chatted.

If you’re curious what’s new in my world, well there’s #Butler_the_SDiT. He’ll be six-months old next week, and he is a handful! A lot of time and energy have already gone into his training. He’s a right solid distraction from anything I should be doing.

Butler, his current favorite bone, and my new fuzzy slippers.

I have been writing, but not enough to meet the NaNoWriMo challenge this year. Mainly because I messed up my back and was stuck in bed for over a week. But I used that time to read, so that’s a plus. I’m being a NaNo Rebel again this year, writing short stories, flash fiction, and blog posts. I intend to be blogging weekly going forward. I know, I’ve said that before, but I’m taking to heart the number of experts, and even one of my own clients, who have told me to treat my own business as my top client.

And can we talk about my new fluffy purple slippers?!? Hubby brought them home for me yesterday. Nothing says “Welcome Fall” like cozy slippers! (Yes, I realize we’re halfway through November, but fall comes late to Texas. It’s actually 84°F as I write this, but we are using the heat at night.)

I have to make a public THANK YOU to that husband of mine… We just had our 32nd anniversary while I was flat on my back. He took excellent care of me that whole week, on top of his own job, and even slept on the couch so not to bump me, and never complained. On the evening of our anniversary Steve brought me flowers, Mexican food, and Tres Leches Cake (one of my very favorites!). He gently laid on the bed with me and we counted the little ceiling rosettes together and laughed and talked. A sweet, but very low-key anniversary. We will be officially celebrating in a couple weeks, hopefully with a little roadtrip.

My desktop today… the photo of Steve and me is a couple years old.

Now, back to work…

  • I’m putting the finishing touches on a new presentation over Social Media Analytics for the Unleashing The Next Chapter writing group which I will be giving Thursday.
  • The Writers Guild of Texas Flash Fiction Contest is winding down. Winners will be announced at the December 13th Holiday Party, and it looks like I’ll be there in person. 🥳
  • I’ve reorganized my Asana project manager to take advantage of some new features.
  • I won a three-month subscription to TubeBuddy from Social Media Pro, and am taking that as a sign that I need to get on the ball creating a YouTube channel.
  • There’s an UtNC Anthology in the works! We have 15 or so authors working together to make this happen, and I am so thrilled that Kelley Rene, Clari Gosling, and Sara Meg Seese are spearheading this project. Anticipated release date is April or May 2022.
  • I have openings for one SMM&M client, and two coaching clients. Maybe you?
  • As events are getting scheduled for 2022, I look forward to speaking at live events again. I’ve already been contacted about presenting at a writers workshop in Houston in February. My goal is to have one event per month in 2022, either in-person or virtually. Keep me in mind if your writers group is looking for someone to talk to writers about Social Media/Marketing, Productivity, or Author Platform.

Whew! It has already been a busy fall! How about you? I hope you and yours are doing well. I hope you are writing happily and productively. Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for future blog posts or YouTube videos. I love teaching writers and creative entrepreneurs, and I want to be a resource for you.

Happy Writing!