Have you ever dreamt of turning your passion into a project that benefits both you and others? For nearly five years, I’ve helped clients of Unleashing the Next Chapter, usually by creating their strategy and branding. Once that’s in place, I often then create and manage their content by acting as a ghostwriter for their social media, blogs, and newsletters. Discretion is required, but that limits recommendations, referrals, and work I can point to when speaking with potential strategy, management, and coaching clients. While I love the creativity and challenge of crafting compelling content in my client’s voice, it doesn’t allow me to showcase the results I achieve.


the logo is a dark green square, with a white pentagon in the center symbolizing a house. In the center of that reads KATE READS PLANTS in all caps and dark green print. Forming a circle around the pentagon in white print is the tagline: Your home for indoor and outdoor gardening information and inspiration.

A Seed of Inspiration 

Enter KateReadsPlants! My love for organic and sustainable gardening, encompassing everything from houseplants to thriving backyards to small farms, has been growing since childhood in my grandparents’ orchard. I’m an avid reader, a dedicated learner, and a passionate coach regarding all things green-thumbed. Whether exploring nurseries, visiting botanical gardens, or experimenting with new techniques, the joy of learning, documenting, and sharing is ever-present.


Planting the Seeds for Success

KateReadsPlants is intentionally integrated with the established Unleashing the Next Chapter brand, utilizing the same voice, colors, and fonts. I’ll cater to the vibrant plant community, focusing on their preferred platforms – primarily Instagram and YouTube, with a secondary presence on Facebook and X/Twitter. A basic website, blog, YouTube channel, and email marketing strategy are all in the works, with the domain and Gmail already secured.


Cultivating Engaging Content

Our content will grow around five key pillars:

    1. Houseplant Haven: Tips and tricks for thriving indoor jungles.
    2. Backyard Bounty: Guides to cultivating a flourishing outdoor oasis.
    3. Field Trip Forays: Exploration of inspiring botanical gardens, nurseries, nature preserves, and more.
    4. Book Buzz: Book reviews and recommendations for the plant-obsessed.
    5. Grower’s Gear: Reviews and insights on essential gardening equipment and supplies.


Kathryn & Gizmo at the “World of Orchids” exhibit at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, March 2023


The Fruits of Our Labor 

Monetization will be an organic process, with possibilities like affiliate marketing, public speaking, coaching, sponsorships, and potentially even future plant or seed sales. As I do for my UtNC digital marketing clients, I’ll meticulously track analytics and make monthly adjustments. The best part? You’ll get a front-row seat to the entire marketing journey through a detailed Unleashing the Next Chapter website case study!


Join the Bloom! 

Whether you’re a fellow gardening enthusiast or curious about the marketing case study, follow along on Facebook, Instagram, or X/Twitter at @KateReadsPlants. We began our adventure on March 27th, 2024, and I can’t wait to see where this project takes us!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Don’t hesitate to comment below, email. or message me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or X/Twitter.

Here’s hoping you grow and bloom in whatever you endeavor!