I’m tying up the loose ends as social media manager for Bouchercon2019. There were over 1700 attendees. There were multiple panels, interviews, and activities happening simultaneously for almost four days at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. It was a wonderful job that allowed me to go in and out of all the sessions and events, but didn’t allow me to fully participate in many. After almost sixteen months, I turn over responsibility for social media to the Bcon2020 team on Monday, and am already dreaming of attending Bouchercon2020 in Sacramento.

So, in addition to what I’ve already posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (both personally and as Bouchercon–search #Bouchercon2019) here are a few more of my highlights and photos:

🔹️After my panel presented “Differently Abled is Still Abled” on Friday afternoon, I got to attend my first public signing as a writer. I only had a couple people stop to talk with me, but I was a few chairs down from Peter Lovesey and got to observe our Lifetime Achievement Award winner with 50 years experience enjoy his many fans. I was able to visit with and observe many mystery writers from around the world. This to me seems to be one of the highlights of an author’s career.


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️🔹️I was able to attend part of the Denim Night event, and visited with Local Guest of Honor Sandra Brown as she signed her latest book for me, Outfox. I also served as a spotter during the live auction. Between the live and silent auctions, over $10k was raised for LIFT-DALLAS, an organization that works to end adult illiteracy in North Texas.


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🔹 I was finally able to catch up with Hank Phillippi Ryan–twice!–and wrote about that on an Instagram post. She autographed two of her books for me, Trust Me and The Murder List. I also was able to attend all of her American Guest of Honor interview by Lisa Unger.

️🔹 I made it to the last 30 minutes of the Librarians’ Tea, and heard much of the presentation by royal chef, Darren McGrady. A friend saved me a couple scones and cookies.

️🔹 I attended the International Guest of Honor, Felix Francis‘ interview by Elizabeth George. I also ran into him and got to chat a few more times. I love his novels revolving around the English horse racing industry. He signed an advance reader copy of his next book, Guilty Not Guilty, for me.

🔹 ️Saturday night was the Anthony Awards, and I made the last half of that. I was hoping to get dinner and stay for the Diamond Celebration Party, but got flashed by a close camera in a dimly lit room. It was the final trigger from a day filled with migraine triggers that led to an awful migraine attack and sensory overload. Gizmo was able to lead me out of the room, to a safe place where I could take meds and lie on the floor. I was able to call a friend at the conference to help me. Grateful for Google Assistant, Bud, and Cathy! It was a bad night.

🔹️ By Sunday morning I had a lingering migraine hangover, but was able to help with the WORD packing station.

🔹️ Sunday afternoon as we were starting to pack up, I ran into Daniel Palmer. I’m a longtime fan of his stand-alone Suspense novels, and was so happy to get to stop and chat for a few minutes. His father, Michael Palmer, is one of the pioneers of the Medical Thriller sub-genre which is what I’m attempting to write. Daniel’s brother, Matthew Palmer, writes bestselling Spy Thrillers. Such a talented family! Such a kind and encouraging man!

I learned so much, met so many more wonderful people, and am inspired and motivated to finish writing and publishing my books. Additionally, I’m going to need more social media and coaching clients if I’m going to be able to afford the next convention. And I brought home at least eight mystery novels to add to my TBR pile.

That about sums it up for me. If you love the Mystery genre, this is the conference for you! Fans, writers, editors, publishers, reviewers, book dealers, influencers, and more all come together to celebrate the best of the International Mystery Community.